Texture in India ~ ft. Santoshi Shetty

Collaborating with like minded artists and individuals is always so much fun, and this time I got to meet and work with Santoshi Shetty one of the most popular bloggers in India. She is not only a great blogger, (check out her page! @santoshishetty www.thestyledge.com so good! ) but she is also such a down to earth genuine person. Which in this industry, it is sometimes hard to find people you connect with. I love all the pictures in this shoot which was shot by Santoshi's photographer, because they all have wonderful texture. From movements of the fabrics and water, to the location of the back streets of Bandra, this shoot just showcased so many textures.

Here we styled two different looks. We both helped style each other, and even decided to take a gender fluid approach to it. Santoshi is wearing one of my long tees with a hat and silver Indian necklace, while I am wearing her jacket with a long tank and women's jean gauchos.

This part of the shoot was very special to both of us, so many people do not know that Santoshi trained for years in classical Indian dance, Bharatnatyam. So we decided to do a fusion shoot where fashion meets dance and movement. We wore Indian tied dhotis and use fabric to capture movement and the vibrance of dance.

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