White Sands ~ Cancun


Welcome to Cancun, a popular destination for most North Americans. From resorts to parties to beach weddings, people flock to Cancun for many reasons. This photoshoot was done by Captured Moments Media on my trip to Cancun to the Royalton Riviera Cancun where my sister tied the knot.

I love wearing whites and linens on the beach. Light fabrics are great because they're cooling and protect your skin from the harsh sun. Both fabrics I am wearing are light. The first is a Linen White shirt and the bottoms are another find from the beach side of Goa, India, a light cotton pattern Harem pant. Great for the beach. And of course I get to wear a giant Panama hat which is always a win for me!

Swim suits are a tricky thing, there are a million and one styles for women but not that many for men (unfortunately such is the world of fashion). We have a few different cuts like board shorts, short shorts, speedos, to name a few. Dressing for what compliments your body is always smart. I'm a more slender and toned build so I find short shorts and the occasional speedo looks good on me because it doesn't make me look skinnier by wearing something too large with too much fabric. At the end of the day with swim suits, just love yourself and do what makes you happy. Be confident and rock whatever you want on the beach.

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