LA LA Land

Welcome to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, where dreamers go to live their best lives. I actually love LA, I find it one of the most motivating cities I have ever been. Some people may not like the fact that everyone out there has big aspirations, but I love it! I love being around like minded people- where people are working hard for their dreams. Also, LA has perfect weather, it is always pleasant there. Even their winters just have a slight cold wind which makes for greater productivity. No shovelling snow! Just maybe the occasional big deal. The following are a series of outfits shot out and around this amazing city.

Photographer: Steve Rodriguez - Ayos

Exploring the LA hills in an Army Long Line Scalloped Tee and Slim Fit Jeans with Light Brown Woven Dress Shoes and a Beanie. And of course my airplane pendant and bead bracelets. Location: Bronson Caves

Qwerky! I picked up these out there Pattern Harem Pants on the streets of Delhi. They aren't for everyone but if you want to do something funky and fun and just don't give an eff they are the way to go. This pattern actually has a bunch of dolls on it and I grounded it with a Black Buttoned Down, my favourite Black Bucket Hat, and of course Black boots to butch it up a bit. Location: Bronson Caves

Layers! Street style meets Formal wear. I love this look, I think it is probably an outfit that identifies with me the most. The mixture and balance between street style and formal wear is perfect to show your creativity in your style. This is a great transition outfit, from the streets of LA to a night out. A Black Fitted Blazer, with Geometric Pocket Square over a unique Asymmetrical T-shirt I found in Hong Kong paired with Ripped Skinny Jeans (my personal DIY) and Classic White Chucks. Oh and of course a Beige Fedora (because I love my hats). Location: Griffith Observatory

So... You can't tell but theres a bunch of iconic Hollywood Billboards and Hotel signs in the background. Bollywood meets Hollywood! So I thought this would be a fun outfit to put together give the location. I paired a unique designed Nehru Vest designed by Sahiba Fashions (a digital print featuring a bunch of famous/iconic Bollywood actors and actresses) and wore it over Black Ripped Jeans and a clean White V-neck Tee with Chucks and a Black Straw Fedora. It is not your typical way of wearing Indian clothes but I thought it was a fun fusion outfit. And I love mixing my Indian world with my Western.

Vest: Sahiba Fashions

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

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